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Recent Achievements of German Medicine Net
 early 2010: German Medicine Net becomes distributor for the leading Polish manufacturer of medical equipment
 from 2007 -2010: Focus on recruiting doctors for German hospitals - strong growth in this sector
 Summer 2007: Work on major investment project (creation of general hospital) in Gulf region
 early 2007: Activity in Germany ends, all activities are now directed from Nice, France - new focus: recruitment of doctors for France, also for Gulf States
 2006/2007: Focus on providing German Gps for OOH and locum services and permanent positions in the UK
 February 2006: Number of users visiting German Medicine Net's website showing strong increase: the following figures show the 12 months' development of daily user sessions (according to web traffic analysis software Webtrends) : Mar 05: 451, Apr 05: 425, May 05: 430, Jun 05: 537, Jul 05: 584, Aug 05: 578, Sep 05: 675, Oct 05: 668, Nov 05: 619, Dec 05: 678, Jan 06: 919, Feb 06: 994. If you want to see yet more impressive figures: total number of user sessions in January 2006: 28.500, total number of page impressions 420.951. Which goes to show: A presentation of your services within our website will potentially reach numerous interested persons and greatly improve your chances of getting new client contacts.
 February 2006: German Medicine Net signs agreement with treatment facilitator from Kazakhstan to organise treatment in Germany for patients from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, starts co-operation with several UK NHS staffing agencies
 2005: German Medicine Net places numerous German GPs primarily for out of hours work in UK hospitals and surgeries
 February 2005: German Medicine Net starts co-operation with several UK NHS staffing agencies
 October 2004: German Medicine Net signs a far-reaching agreement with one of the biggest NHS staffing agencies to facilitate locum and permanent placements in the NHS
 June 2004 - 2005: German Medicine Net brings to the UK numerous surgeons from the fields of orthopaedics, general surgery and ENT surgeons as well as many anaesthetists to treat thousands of NHS "long waiters"
 July 2004: By now our German doctors have treated more than 10.000 English NHS patients with figures constantly rising.
 December 2003: German Medicine Net Director Hans Finck is invited to Pakistan to meet a number of highly placed hospital representatives and introduce the German Health System to them.
 October 2003: Again the number of people in need contacting German Medicine Net has risen during this month. By now we have received requests for treatment from Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Bangla Desh, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Ghana, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenia, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Moldavia, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, USA, Wales and many other countries
 1st of October 2003: The first operation takes place under the English government's scheme to reduce waiting lists by creating additional capacity of 200.000 plus procedures per year through public private partnerships relying heavily on the use of overseas doctors. German Medicine Net clinical staff take part in this important moment.
 July 2003: - German Medicine Net prepares arrangements for treatment for patients from Kameroon, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, Slovakia, Syria and several other countries
 April 2003 - German Medicine Net Clinician services requested directly by UK PCT for the first time. Also: German Medicine Net partners get shortlisted for various NHS projects to build Diaognostic and Treatment Centres in various regions of England to be staffed by foreign clinicians.
 February 2003 - The University Hospital of Birmingham's own newsletter writes: waiting lists in dermatology have been slashed after a team of German doctors visited the Trust to treat patients with skin complaints. The consultants, employed by German Medicine Net, visited UHB for six weeks in November and December and helped cut the Department's waiting lists by 1000. ... Chief Executive Mark Britnell said; "We have been very pleased with the skin specialists from Germany, they have been really focussed and seen an enormous number of patients in record time."
 About 3500 foreign patients (most of them from the UK) treated successfully by German Medicine Net doctors and hospitals by now. More than 500 more to be treated in April and May 2003 alone.
 Latest News: In November German Medicine Net's Managing Director Hans Finck was featured in the reknowned British "Health Service Journal" as "Man of the Month" in its weekly "guide to healthcare's most influential people". Also he was interviewed for the December edition of the British Medical Journal
 Read what the University of York has to say on German Medicine Net's service in their "Evaluation of Treating Patients Overseas":
 "The services provided by GMN included:
 Identification of all facilities and acting as an intermediary between the German doctors and the clinical area that they would be working in, for example resolving issues around drugs, and helping plan the clinics in the UK to be run by the German doctors.
 Provision of patient support, for example keeping in close contact with the patients whilst they were in Germany
 Arrangement of patient transport, for example, flights, collection of patients from German airports, and organisation of assistance with wheelchairs at airports
 "Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Health Authority required clinicians to work in Portsmouth ... to run some pre-assessment and outpatient clinics, and GMN were the only organisation that could make these arrangements"
 "Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Health Authority were very happy with the services provided by GMN"
 98 percent of the patients sent to Germany found the clinical staff at the hospital quite or very helpful
 98 percent of the patients going to Germany found the hospital staff quite or very courteous
 "A ... higher proportion of the patients sent to Germany rated the information about treatment as quite or very helpful compared to those sent to French hospitals (97% versus 87% respectively)"
 "A higher proportion of patients sent to France remarked that they experienced difficulties in communicating in English at the hospital where they were admitted (24% of French patients versus 8% of German patients), ... doctors were generally able to speak English"
 "Interestingly a relatively lower proportion of patients sent to Germany under the German Medicine Net received physiotherapy upon return to the UK" (comment from GMN: We feel we may attribute this to the high quality after-operation physio and rehab training our hospitals provided)
 They ... provided good support to patients whilst in hospital and organised much of the travel, ... Portsmouth and Isle of Wight Health Authority valued their input and experience."
 What German Medicine Net Has Achieved So Far
 We represent more than a hundred German hospitals and specialised treatment centres that offer virtually any kind of treatment for all kinds of medical complaints
 We took several groups of British NHS patients to the German orthopaedic hospitals for hip and knee replacement and minor operations. German Medicine Net was one of 3 continental providers that took part in the NHS pilot projects 2001/2002 - chosen out of about a hundred organisations and institutions that applied for these projects at the English Department of Health.
 We pioneered in bringing German doctors to the UK: German Medicine Net dermatologists helped more than 1500 British patients, our orthopaedic surgeons saw numerous outpatients, our ENT specialists travelled to the South of England to give advice to people with tinnitus problems. Currently we are preparing to treat more than a 1000 English cataract patients and more than 2000 further English dermatology patients
 Other current projects include surgical teams visits from the fields of gynaecology, general surgery, orthopaedics and ENT
 Projects are underway to bring badly needed radiologists and histopathologists to the Midlands and to the North of England
 Official partner of the English government to bring doctors and surgical teams into the UK and organise UK patients transfers to Germany.
 Together with various private sector UK partner agencies we organise treatment for selfpaying or privately insured UK patients in Germany
 We have brought numerous private patients from various regions of the world to Germany
 A future focus of German Medicine Net will be co-operation with major Dutch, Scandinavian and Arab partners to help patients from those parts of the world
 Negotiations are underway with various international professional football clubs to take their injured players to Germany for a particularly gentle type of (extraperitoneal) hernia surgery that usually enables them to be back on the pitch much sooner than with traditional surgical techniques.
 Our prices compare very favourably with private sector prices in most Western European countries, prices for operations in Germany are often more than 3 times lower than in the USA (example: cardiac bypass operations will cost between 11.000 and 15.000$ in Germany versus a staggering 70.000$ in the USA!!!)
 German Medicine Net has been featured in many national and international news media, to name but a few: Agence France Press, BBC Radio 4, BBC TV, Birmingham Evening Mail, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Hamburger Abendblatt, Health Service Journal, Hospital Healthcare, Irish Independent, Medical Tribune, Reuters Health, Scottish Sunday Times, Der Spiegel, Sunday Times, Times, WDR (West German Radio), Welt, Welt am Sonntag etc.
 Why do we do what we do? Our philosophy is simple: In our view there can be nothing more rewarding than helping other people.
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email