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Green Light Laser instead of TUR for Bening Prostate Adenoma
 A new Revolutionary Therapy for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia: the GreenLight PVP Laser
 Disclaimer: This information intends to give you a general outline of medical procedures in Germany. Not every hospital or doctor in Germany will use these exact procedures. In no way does German Medicine Net guarantee that medical procedures will be exactly as described in any given hospital.
 This special and new kind of Laser - first introduced at the Mayo Clinic - works with a wave length of 532 nm which is in the visible green part of the spectrum. This brings a new advantage to laser therapy in general and prostate therapy in particular: light of this wavelength will be most effectively absorbed by blood vessels and bloodrich areas of tissue thereby generating a highly localised intake of energy that will vaporise the surrounding tissue without any bleeding ("photoselective vaporsiation of prostate (PVP)").
 The method was initiated about five years ago at the Mayo-Clinik, Rochester, USA and constantly improved. Additional Studies were done in Oakwood Annapolis Hospital and provided evidence of the advantages of the GreenLight PVP Laser.
 Conventional radiation and laser treatment methods for benign prostate hyperplasia involve a very deep penetration of tissue by the radiation causing swelling and edemas. The rays of the GreenLight Laser, however, will only penetrate the prostate superficially avoiding major irritative symptoms and ensuring a quicker recovery of the patient.
 Most other therapies also leave behind considerable amounts of tissue whilst often only effecting a comparatively minor reduction of prostate size. Frequently this will ensue renewed incidence of the symptoms after relatively short periods of time. The Greenlight PVP Laser, however, will effect an immediate non-bloody vaporisation of tissue opening the urinal pipes, leading to a strong urinal flow right after the operation enabling patients to completely empty their bladder without obstructions.
 The Main Advantages of the Greenlight PVP Laser
 immediate alleviation of symptopms and speedy recovery
 long-lasting success of therapy
 almost completely non-bloody
 can be done as a day case through ambulatory surgery
 catheter not required at all or only over short period of time
 avoiding incontinence and impotence
 safe and effective treatment
 quick restitution of quality of life