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Hip Replacement or Revison Hip Surgery In Germany
 Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing ( Birmingham Hip ) Operations in German Hospitals
 Disclaimer: This information intends to give you a general outline of medical procedures in Germany. Not every hospital or doctor in Germany will use these exact procedures. In no way does German Medicine Net guarantee that medical procedures will be exactly as described in any given hospital.
 Normally this procedure involves the following steps:
 making previous medical reports available to German hospital
 pre-op assessment including X-ray imaging from special angles for later exact positioning of hip prosthesis
 choosing suitable prosthesis - for younger patients this might be a hip resurfacing prosthesis (Birmingham hip or similar)
 daily physiotherapy (often 3 sessions per day) starting very early after the operation
 total stay: roughly a fortnight
 journey home with anti-bloodclotting medication for patients' safety
 optionally: Post-op Rehab after Hip Replacement (10 days)