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Overview Medical Specialties
Check-Ups, Diagnostic Services and Prevention in German Hospitals
 Medical Check-Up, Diagnostics and Prevention in Germany
 German Medicine Net co-operates with a number of German hospitals and doctors who offer various diagnostic services. They may help you in the following situations in particular:
 You suffer from unclear disease symptoms, but you have not found a reasonable and helpful explanation for these symptoms so far. Due to this lack of clarity you are unable to commence the right treatment.
 You feel that your general health is slightly deteriorating, and you are concerned that these might be the first signs of a developing disease.
 You feel well, but would like to make sure that there are no lingering health problems that might develop into something serious if left unaddressed at this early stage.
 You are required to submit a valid health check-up certificate to your employer, based on the latest standards of diagnostics and modern medicine.
 German Medicine will arrange all kinds of medical check-ups in any medical field for you. Here is a non-exhaustive list of diagnostic services we can arrange for you:
 Radiological Check-Ups using the latest technology and highest resolution
 Magnet Resonance Imaging
 PET Scans
 Computer Tomography
 Traditional X-rays where required and sufficient
 Panoramic Dental X-rays
 Laboratory Tests
 Tumour Screening
 Allergy and Allergen Tests
 Hormone Status
 Vitamin Status
 Mineral Status
 Trace Element Status
 Enzyme Status
 Tests for Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Infections
 Antibiotic resistance tests using various antibiotics to find out which antibiotic will effectively fight the microbes you are infected with
 Stool Analysis
 Genetic Testing
 Cardiological Tests
 Long Term ECG
 Stress ECG
 and others
 Other Examinations in Various Medical Specialties
 Tumour Screening
 Audiological Examination - testing your hearing capacities
 Ophthalmological Examination - testing your vision and your eyes' health
 Pulmological Examination - testing the health of your lungs
 Neurological Examinations - testing the functions of your brain and nerves
 Urological Examinations - testing the health of your sexual organs, your prostate etc.
 Gynaecological Examinations - investigating the health of breasts and sexual organs
 Gastrointestinal Investigations - colonoscopy, gastroscopy, introduction of explorative capsules and cameras etc.
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email