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Treatment for Cortical Blindness
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Cortical Blindness - New Treatment in Germany
 CORTICAL BLINDNESS - New Treatment Developed by German University
 Cortical Blindness means that a person's visual capacities are severely impaired through damage of the brain whilst the eyes remain intact. This can happen through accidents, trauma and strokes, for example, or after brain tumour operations.
 A German university has developed a new approach to treating this problem, based on visual stimulation via the eyes. The approach may work for any patient who can still register some things visually, like the difference between light and dark or the shapes of big moving objects.
 The Main Characteristics of the Therapy
 Will often bring improvement if some visual capacity remains
 Based on individually customised computer-based visual stimulations that the patient receives either from a computer screen or through a special set of glasses
 The software generating the visual exercises for the patient is continuously adapted to the patient's changing needs by medical specialists over many months as the patient is making progress
 Slowly, but surely, in many cases, the visual field becomes larger or the patient is able to discern more and more of the outside world, as the affected regions of the cortex are stimulated and relearn to register visual signals.
 Costs: between 1800 and 2300 Euros - no other costs incurred
 No costs for flights, hotels or visa applications - Often it is not necessary to come to Germany for the pre-assessment, most of the tests can be done by internet. The patient must have access to a computer, that he or she can use in a dark room. If there is no dark room available, the patient may work with the special glasses provided
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