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Price Comparison Plastic Surgery
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Abroad in Hospital in Germany
 Prices for the Most Frequent Plastic and Cosmetic Operations
 The following prices are presented to give you a clear and (almost) definite idea of the costs you would be facing if you decide to have an operation or other medical treatment done in Germany. They are based on the assumption that there will be no serious complications and that there are no serious risk factors involved (e.g. extreme obesity, underlying other diseases, very old age etc.) that might create additional potentially costly challenges for the German doctors and hospitals. Prices do include our organisational fees, but they do not cover travel expenses, costs for hotels, costs for hiring translators etc. Please note that not all of our German partners will be able to offer these prices, which is why all price quotations should be regarded as "starting from". If you decide to go to one particular hospital, we will first confirm for you if it is able to perform the required procedure at the quoted price.
 lower abdomen: 2500 Euros (1-2 nights' stay)
 lower and upper abdomen: 3900 Euros (1-2 nights' stay)
 lower and upper abdomen plus hips: 5000 Euros (1-2 nights' stay)
 jodhpurs on thighs inside and outside: 3300 Euros (1-2 nights' stay)
 circular on thigh + knee: 5000 Euros (1-2 nights' stay)
 harmonisation of hips and buttocks: 3000 Euros (day case or 1 night's stay)
 circular on thigh + knee + buttocks: 5700 Euros (1 -2 nights' stay)
 circular on thigh + knee + buttocks + calf: 6200 Euros (1 -2 nights' stay)
 calves: 2000 Euros (1 -2 nights' stay)
 face (neck and cheeks): 2000-2500 Euros (day case or 1 night's stay)
 chin: 1500 Euros (day case or 1 night's stay)
 arms: 3200 Euros (day case or 1 night's stay)
 endoscopic lifting of forehead : 3800 Euros (1 night's stay)
 lifting of neck: 1700-2200 Euros (2 nights stay)
 lifting of brow: 2500-3700 Euros
 lifting of forehead: 3800 Euros
 face lift: 6000 - 11000 Euros (1 -2 nights' stay)
 upper eye lids: 2000 Euros (day case)
 lower eye lids/lacrymal sacks: 2400 Euros (day case)
 upper and lower eye lids: 3600 Euros (1 night's stay)
 lip augmentation: 2000 Euros
 bat ears: 2400 Euros (day case)
 correction of nose (only tip): 2500 Euros
 correction of nose (only wings): 2000 Euros
 correction of nose complete septorhinoplasty): 6500 Euros
 botox or collagen injections: from 400 Euros
 in or near face: 800-4000 Euros (day case)
 complete face treatment: 4400 Euros (1 night's stay)
 upper lip: 1000 Euros (day case)
 gynecomasty: 3200 Euros (day case to 2 nights' stay)
 breast lifting:5300 Euros (day case to 3 nights' stay)
 breast augmentation: 5800 Euros (2-4 nights' stay)
 breast lifting + augmentation: 6800 Euros (3 nights' stay)
 breast augmentation + abdominal lifting: 8800 Euros (7 nights' stay)
 breast and abdominal lifting: 8500 Euros (5 nights' stay)
 breast reconstruction: 6000-8000 Euros (10 nights' stay)
 breast reduction: from 6500 Euros (4-5 nights' stay)
 fat apron: 6000-8000 Euros (7 nights' stay)
 tummy tuck: from 4200 Euros as days case (potentially more expensive if overnight stay required)
 vitiligo: 1500 Euros (1 night's stay)
 resection of prespiratory glands: 900 Euros (2-3 nights' stay)
 injection of own fat: 2500 Euros (day case)
 tattoos (Ruby Laser): 150 Euros (per session of up to 10 minutes)
 minor skin surgery (naevi, warts): 150 Euros (5 minutes)
 scar, keloids: 200 Euros (up to 30 minutes)
 spider veins (Erbe HF treatment): 200 Euros (up to 30 minutes)
 couperosis/redness of skin (Erbe HF treatment: 220 Euros (up to 1 hour)
 pigmented lesions (YAG Laser): 270 Euros (up to 1,5 hours)
 epilation/hair removal (Ruby laser): 320 Euros (up to 2 hours)
 piercings (without ring): 150 Euros
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