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 Please note: We specialise both in urgent and non-urgent cases. In case of urgency appointments, e.g. for heart or visceral operations, can often be arranged from one day to the next. Hip, knee and other elective operations can usually be arranged within 5 to 10 working days.
 Welcome to German Medicine Net, the comprehensive internet database of German medical services for patients from all over the world. We represent numerous German hospitals and doctors and we will help you find competent medical advice and treatment in Germany according to your requirements.
 German Medicine Net is completely independent from German hospitals and doctors and will always aim to identify a good solution in the best interest of the patient.
 We belive in only one thing: doing our best for the women and men and their children from all around the world who contact us. This means we will endeavour to find therapists or surgeons who are highly experienced in their field not hesitating to point out alternative treatment options (actually sometimes suggesting to try out cost alternatives before patients undergo expensive surgery with a less than guaranteeed outcome) if we feel this might be helpful to the patients from all over the world who contact us every day.
 Medicine made in Germany - this stands for qualities like reliability, a highly developed sense of responsibility and an excellent standard of qualification and technology

 This is what the German Health System has to offer:
 Highly qualified doctors with a thorough education as well as a high level of qualification amongst medical staff
 First class modern equipment and technology
 High density of doctors and hospitals - there will always be a doctor or a hospital close to where you are
 Consultations, treatment and operations at short notice in most cases
 Costs that compare favourably to those of many other industrialised countries
 The Core Competences of German Medicine Net:
 Organising Treatment for foreign patients in Germany
 Sending complete German surgical teams, consultants, physiotherapists etc. to other countries for short-term or long-term projects
 Sending complete German surgical teams, consultants, physiotherapists etc. to other countries for short-term or long-term projects
 Organising Education on Innovative Therapies and Medical Techniques in other countries - focussing on affordable and helpful therapies that people in countries with less money (we hesitate to call them "poorer" because of that) might benefit from on a large scale
 Recruitment of permanent staff for foreign Health Authorities and Hospitals
 Fast-track building of new hospital units from prefabricated parts in co-operation with our partners
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email
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