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 Why should I use German Medicine Net as my first point of contact?
 German Medicine Net is an independent agency that has no binding contracts with any German hospital to bring a pre-agreed number of patients to that particular hospital. This means German Medicine Net is free to contact any German doctor or hospital with the best interest of each individual patient in mind. For us only one thing counts: assisting other human beings to get healthy or to find ways of improving their health situation. If this means identifying a highly specialised doctor to treat a rare disease with a fair chance of success we will do it even if it means more work for us than just sending patients to hospitals we have a working relationship with, anyway.
 How does the German Healthcare System Work?
 Doctors with a general medical education are mainly responsible for the treatment of smaller general health problems and the initial assessment of complaints before a patient gets transferred to consultants or hospitals.
 Consultations and many diagnostical and therapeutical measures for out-patients lie in the hands of numerous specialised doctors from practically any medical field. These doctors usually work from their own surgeries and not inside a hospital.
 Hospitals mainly offer treatment for in-patients, but also consultations, diagnostical and therapeutical measures for out-patients in most medical fields. Many of them also offer emergency facilities.
 Numerous dentists take care of (y)our dental health.
 How can I find the right medical advice and treatment in Germany as a foreigner?
 This is not always easy, the language barrier usually being a major problem. German Medicine Net is there to help you with this. Choose from various levels of service:
 Find a suitable doctor or hospital yourself in our database and contact them yourself.
 Ask us to find you a suitably qualified doctor or hospital, who speak a language that you know and can offer appointments and treatment at short notice.
 Provide us with detailed information about your medical situation (resp. the medical situation of other person[s] looking for medical help in Germany) and your special treatment requirements and ask us for (initially) a rough estimate and them a binding quote from a certain doctor or hospital. Thereafter make all further arrangements yourself.
 Let us take care of everything: We will contact your current physician; we will make appointments for you; if necessary we will make hotel reservations for you and accompanying family members as well; we research and suggest travel arrangements; we will provide you with a map or exact descriptions of access to German hospital wards; we arrange all payments; we will provide you with travel and accident insurance cover; etc.
 Our additional services include: medical translations, personal interpreters or guides, special transport for those unable to travel etc.
 What if I have paid for my treatment already and decide to cancel my appointments at short notice?
 You will get your money back, but we will deduct a small service charge. If you cancel the appointments at very short notice it is possible, that we will have to deduct a higher amount to cover costs arising for doctors or hospitals who might have to reserve certain facilities in advance for treating or operating you. Often doctors and hospitals will not be able to find other patients to fill these facilities at short notice. Please rest assured that we will always try to find an agreeable solution, because it is our highest aim to provide you with good treatment, not to take your money for a treatment that did not happen for whatever reason.
 What happens if I miss my appointment through no fault of mine - maybe because a flight is delayed?
 If you can prove this to us, we will arrange a new appointment for you free of charge
 What if you have an accident during your journey or get a sudden disease that you had not planned to be treated for?
 In many cases your insurance will pay for emergency treatment in such cases. In addition to that to protect you against such unpleasant surprises we offer additional insurance cover at a moderate price.
 Can I present a German hospital or doctor with a certificate or form from my national insurance (e.g. E 111) and ask for an operation or other treatment on that basis?
 The E111 form and most other international insurance covers are meant only for emergency treatment. So in this situation German doctors or hospitals will in most cases only provide the required emergency treatment (short examination, palliative measures etc.) In case of a life-threatening emergency, though, you will, of course, get a more extensive treatment, operations or intensive care, whatever is required.
 What if the German specialists examining or treating you suddenly find that apart from the treatment already agreed upon and paid for further medical services are required?
 This situation will in many cases not be covered by the prepayments you have made or by the assurances your health insurance may have given. Usually the addional medical services will only be supplied after payment for them has been arranged or agreed upon. It is possible that in some such cases you may be (at least partially) covered by your insurance's normal cover for travels abroad. You can find out more about this from your national health authorities or your health insurance.
 I would like to be treated by a particular German doctor or in a particular German hospital that I could not find in your database. Will you be able to assist me in this case?
 It is our highest aim that you should be treated well and according to your preferences as a patient and guest in Germany. Of course we will arrange appointments and everything else for you even if the doctor or hospital is not yet a member of German Medicine Net.
 If you are a patient or acting on behalf of a patient and wish to contact us please use this Email