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Recruitment of Nurses and Doctors, Arranging Treatment in German Hospitals
 NEW - International Market Research for The Health Sector. Please
  click here for more information
 WELCOME TO GERMAN MEDICINE NET - We Recruit Nurses and Doctors for Work in Germany and Arrange Treatment in German Hospitals
 We recuit foreign doctors and nurses for work in German hospitals.
 Doctors should note that they will need a B2 language certificate from the Goethe Institute to work in Germany. If you are interested please send a German or English CV to this email:
 Nurses, please click on the link in the left hand menu to get more information
  MEDICAL EQUIPMENT - German Medicine is authorised distributor for the UK and Ireland (as well as various other countries) for the leading Polish manufacturer of medical equipment. To get more information regarding equipment for anaesthesia, cardiology, gynaecology, nephrology (dialysis), radiology, surgery and urology please click HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
  WE ORGANISE TREATMENT IN GERMANY FOR PATIENTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. German Medicine Net has a positive track record for organising treatment in Germany for patients from many countries. we have successfully organised treatment in Germany for patients from Arab Countries, Denmark, England, Holland, Moldavia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philipinnes, Romania, Russia, Scotland, USA, Wales and many other countries. Please click HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
 WE RECRUIT STAFF FOR FOREIGN HEALTHCARE EMPLOYERS. German Medicine Net has a positive track record in identifying suitable medical staff for employers in the UK - NHS hospitals, PCTs, GP surgeries, private hospitals, partner agencies in the UK etc. German Medicine Net have signed the NHS Employers Code of Practise and is a recognised provider of staff to the NHS. We also constantly recruit doctors (mostly) from Germany for work in IRELAND, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND. Please click HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
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