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    Medicine Net recruits physicians for employers in Germany, France, Ireland,
    Switzerland, Dubai and other Emirates, Saudi Arabia etc.

    Since 2001
    German Medicine Net has worked successfully in international medical recruitment.
    The current focus is on Germany, France, Ireland, Switzerland, the Emirates and
    Saudi Arabia.

    our headquarters were in Germany, later they were in France, and since 2015 the
    company has been located in beautiful Szczecin in Poland (20 km from the German

    Below you
    will find an overview of the destination countries. If you would like to know
    more about the salary ranges for your area of ​​specialization, please click on
    the respective specialty in the “Salaries to Expect” section.

    Germany: A language certificate C1 in the
    German language is required to work as a specialist in this country. Doctors
    who have “only” B2 can start as assistant physicians, but have to
    catch up with the language test after one year at the latest. Doctors from
    Non-EU countries will also be asked to pass an equivalency exam for the medical
    skills after one year.

    Switzerland: At German
    language certificate of C1 is required to work in the German language parts of
    this country as a doctor (Please note: we only have a very limited job offer in
    French or Italian Switzerland). As a rule, you can easily get the license to
    practice medicine if you are from the European Economic Area. Job offers in
    Germany and German-speaking Switzerland can be found here: www.medizinjobs24.net

    France: To work in France (including
    Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, etc.) requires a French language level of B2 as
    well as a registration with the Ordre des Médecins in France. This registration
    usually can be had without problems by all doctors from European Economic Area.
    You can find our vacancies in France and the French overseas territories here: www.emploimedicine.fr

    Ireland: To work in Ireland requires a
    level of B2 and a registration with the Ireland Medical Council. The registration
    usually can be had without any problems by all doctors from European Economic
    Area. Our vacancies in Ireland can be found in our German and French websites (see
    above) and also in our Polish language website www.pracazdrowie.pl

    Arabia, Dubai and other Emirates: jobs in these countries are well paid, employers usually also provide an
    apartment for the doctor and his/her family. To operate in this region,
    different registrations are required from country to country. In any case, good
    English language skills are required, Arabic is an advantage. For some
    specialties (mainly gynecology, paediatrics and dermatology) employers hire almost
    exclusively female doctors. You can find our vacancies in this region here: www.healthcarejobs.ae

    If you want
    more information, just give us a call:

    0221 82 82 90 90

    Or write to us:


      Finding a Job through German Medicine Net - Conditions

      By sending this this message I agree to the following conditions of German Medicine Net:
      1. I will treat confidentially all information and data received German Medicine Net about potential employers and will not pass such information on to third parties.
      2. WI will upon request correctly inform German Medicine Net about the progress of discussions and/or contractual negotiations with potential employers to whom I was introduced by German Medicine Net.
      3. I will inform German Medicine Net without delay when I have signed an employment contract with a medical facility to whom I was introduced by German Medicine Net. In this context I will identify the place of work, the starting date and the gross monthly salary plus any additional benefits I may have negotiated with the employer.

      I accept the conditions listed above

      Below you can attach up to 5 files, most importantly your CV, your medical diplomas and your license to practise:

      inquiries can also be sent to us informally at: contact@germanmedicine.net