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  • Since 2001
    German Medicine Net has been successfully recruiting doctors, to a small extent
    also pharmacists and dentists. Our main target countries are Germany, other
    important destinations are France, Ireland, Switzerland, the Emirates and Saudi
    Arabia. Our services also include identifying successors or partners for
    doctors who own surgeries or small clinics.

    our headquarters were in Germany, after that in France for 8 years, since 2015
    the company has been located in beautiful Szczecin/Poland near the German

    About our

    – The
    largest group of our doctors are from Germany or therefore have excellent
    German language skills. Usually they also have good English language skills.

    – The
    second largest group are French doctors who having been educated in one of the world’s
    best healthcare systems usually have a very qualification. Many of them also
    speak English quite well.

    – Apart
    from that we have large databases of doctors from Poland, Italy, Spain and some
    other countries.

    Here are
    our (completely success-based) agency fees:

    – Recruitment
    of doctors for short-term employment/locums: 8 percent of total gross salary
    plus VAT. 12 percent for nephrologists.

     – Recruitment of doctors for long-term
    employment: between one and two gross monthly salaries, clinics and MVZs 2
    gross monthly salaries depending on region of employment, please contact us for
    more details.

     – If it is not notified of a successful
    employment of one of our candidate in a timely fashion or if there is a delay
    of more than 30 days in paying its invoices, German Medicine Net reserves the
    right to charge interest at the rate of 9 percent above base rate from the day
    of the original due date.

    As soon as
    you have confirmed your agreement with these conditions via our contact form
    (s.u.), we will start looking for candidates for you.

     P.S.1: INTENSIVE SEARCH: For urgent or
    difficult cases, we offer an intensive search as an additional service. In
    doing so, we do the following for you: we place paid ads for you, we contact physicians
    of the desired specialization in your region and we involve other recruitment
    agencies in the search for you. The costs for you: one third of the expected gross
    salary plus VAT in advance (but never less than 3000 Euros plus VAT). If
    successful, this advance payment will be later be counted towards the total agency
    fees agreed between German medicine Net and you.

     P.S.2: At the same time or alternatively, you
    can advertise in one our job portals, which we have been heavily promoting: www.medizinjobs24.net (for German
    doctors), www.emploimededecine.fr
    (for French doctors), www.pracazdrowie.pl
    (for Polish doctors) or www.healthcarejobs.ae
    (for job offers in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia).

     If you want more information, just give us a

    0221 82 82 90 90

    Or write us:


      Medical Recruitment via German Medicine Net - Conditions

      By sending this message I accept the following important pre-conditions for a co-operation between German Medicine Net and my Medical Facility/Company in its function as an employer of doctors or other staff:
      1. I will keep any information and data about candidates possibly introduced to me in the future by German Medicine Net confidential and will not pass this information on to third parties outside my facility or company.
      2. Upon request I will truthfully inform German Medicine Net about the progress of discussions and/or contractual negotiations with potential candidates introduced by German Medicine Net.
      3. I will inform German Medicine Net without delay if our facility or company signs an employment contract with a candidate introduced by German Medicine Net. In this context I will identify correctly the place of work, the starting date and the gross monthly salary (including any additional benefits potentially negotiated) of the candidate.
      - I confirm that my facility/company will pay German medicine Net's invoices according to the agreed conditions and deadlines. If my facility or company does not inform German Medicine Net about the employment of a candidate introduced by German Medicine Net or gives this information too late I accept that German Medicine is entitled to retroactively charging 9 percent interest per year on the amounts that would have been due earlier had German Medicine Net been informed in due time. The same interest rate will be applied if German Medicine Net's invoices are not paid within the agreed deadlines.

      I accept these conditions

      Below you can attach up to 5 files, e.g. your job descriptions:

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      For short
      inquiries you can also use this email address: contact@germanmedicine.net